Project Description

Project History

The project was authorised in the summer of 2011 and entered the phase of construction in December 2012. The company concluded a contract with LAGIE SA for the project in January 2012, with a price Feed in Tariff: 429,46 €/MWh. The station was connected to the network of DEDDIE SA in December 2012 and thereafter works seamlessly.

Position: “Rafi” of the Municipal Unity Davlia, Municipality of ,Livadia Prefecture of Viotia
Power: 99,875 kWp
Ownership: Econoisis ΑΒΕΤΕ
Project Phase: In Operation
Technology: Photovoltaic
Equipment: Panel: Conergy PowerPlus 235P, Inverter: 8 x Kaco Powador 14.0 TL, 8 x Tracking System Technometalliki MEPE
Production Information: 172.000 kWh until October of 2013