Hydrogen technologies

Hydrogen is an alternative energy source. Many are considering it the fuel of the future. Hydrogen is used through special stacks called Fuel Cells. Fuel cells produce electricity by consuming hydrogen which is oxidized electrochemically with simultaneous heat and water production. They operate in the same principle as a common battery with only difference that fuel cell operates as a chemical reactor of continuous operation as long as it is fed with Hydrogen or Oxygen and doesn’t «empty» or need any recharge. The whole electrochemical reaction takes place via two electrodes which have an ionic conductive electrolyte between them. The main characteristic of a cell is its ability to directly convert chemical energy into electrical with very high efficiency rates, higher than any other Thermo mechanical system. In addition the whole assembly is operating at much lower noise levels from the moment that there are no Moving parts as in conventional technologies of electrical current production. The main advantages of these systems are zero emissions of gaseous pollutants, silent operation and no fluctuations in electrical power supply.



The company provides integrated solutions involving hydrogen technologies and more specifically backup power supply systems (backup power) in critical applications.

  • Wireless telecommunications
    • Wireless base stations
    • Telecommunication applications on roofs
  • Wired telecommunications
    • Remote wired terminals
  • Emergency communications
    • TETRA network
    • Base stations, switches and relative equipment
    • Microwave towers
  • Railways
    • Communications: radio, GSM-R, positive train control
    • Signalling: Nodes, intermediate points
    • Sensors: intrusion, Position, supervision
  • Express Highways
    • Information: HAR, Electronic signs of signage and messaging
    • Sensors: Road surface, CCTV, nods
  • Petroleum & Natural gas
    • Remote communications: radio, microwave
    • SCADA systems
    • Sensors & actuators: Temperature, Pressure, Flow, control, valve control
    • Anti-freezing protection
  • Undisrupted power supplies (UPS)
  • Military Applications

The Combined Heat & Power – Distributed Power Generation systems are related to the coproduction of electricity and heat. The company provides integrated solutions using both hydrogen and natural gas as primary fuel.
The company provides integrated solutions for a hydrogen fuel cell stack. The arrays can be part of an overall system power for a wide range of applications with scalability to the desired effect in each case. Moreover, by providing integrated solutions related to fuel cell enables installation and operation of experimental devices for research purposes where our specialized scientific staff can take the necessary commissioning.