Conergy AG

Coenergy AGConergy is the only company worldwide that provides integrated PV from a single source: As a supplier of PV systems, Conergy, manufactures entirely all the equipment needed for installing PV systems and provides all the necessary services and support ,after the delivery of the project. Conergy is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from 2005 and employs more than 1,700 employees. Founded in 1998, Conergy has supplied PV equipment with total power exceeding 1.5 GWp worldwide.

Cardel SA

cardelCardel SA was founded in 1993 to exploit the full potential of computer science technology and automatic control, for the development of integrated systems in the field of plastic cards of international standards of any technology (magnetic, proximity, smart microchip, smart memory, hybrid, etc.).


Wind7 AG

Wind 7

Nachdem der ursprüngliche Plan, die wind 7 AG im Jahr 2002 als unabhängigen Stromproduzenten von Windstrom an die Börse zu bringen, nicht aufging, entwickelte sich die wind 7 AG in den Folgejahren zu einem Unternehmen mit vier Bereichen: Neben der Stromproduktion wurden die Bereiche Betriebsführung, Projekthandel und Projektierung eingeführt und ausgebaut. Nach einer starken Auslandsexpansion im Bereich Projektierung wurde die AG im Geschäftsjahr 2010 einer nachhaltigen Restrukturierung unterzogen.

Mesogeos SA

Mesogeos SA

MESOGEOS group of companies is one of the biggest in Greece in the field of environmental protection. Is active in the markets of water management and solid waste management and energy production from RES. Holds a dominant position in the Greek market and has a permanent presence in Great Britain, Cyprus and Romania, while the Group’s products are available in many countries.

Intrakat SA

intrakatINTRAKAT Group operates in the field of renewable energy sources, offering integrated, design – system maintenance and installation solutions, of photovoltaic and wind farms.



isoluxIsolux Corsán is a global benchmark in the areas of concessions, energy, construction and industrial services, with a track record spanning over 80 years of professional activity. Isolux Corsán has reaffirmed its leadership position. Amongst the leading companies world-wide specialising in construction of EPC projects for solar photovoltaic plants.